Accessibility Statement: Disability Creations is committed to making the world more accessible to promote independence and educate people more about the Disabled community. Our goal is to represent all disabilities as inclusion is essential to us. It will take a while to make products for all disabilities. If you have a disability not yet on our website, let us know. 

Accessible Products: We know how important it is to be independent, and helping you decide what to wear is one of our goals. We want you to be able to pick what you want to wear. Therefore, we are adding raised vinyl for you to read the product's color and design in Braille, English, or Spanish. Each product will have an option to request this free service. 

Cat Allery Alert: We are a home-based business, and we are a cat-friendly home. Our product(s) are kept and prepared away from our cats.

American Sign Language and Braille Products: A hard-of-hearing ASL teacher approves all American Sign Languages designs. Likewise, all Braille designs are approved by a blind individual fluent in Braille.

Accessibily APP: Disability Creations uses Accessibily App to make the site accessible to improve the browsing experience. The app uses the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) defined requirements to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. 

Accessibily App Features:

  • Zoom - Enhances the size of the text to up to three times the original text for better text readability. 
  • Bigger Curser - Makes the cursor bigger and more prominent for better site browsing.
  • Invert Colors - Invert the colors of the website content. For those with decreased vision, the high contrast greatly helps to read the site better. 
  • Contrast - Enhances or decreases the contrast of the website.
  • Brightness - Makes the content brighter or darker. 
  • Grayscale  - Makes the website content appear only in shades of gray. 
  • Reading Line - Add a support reading line to the website. 
  • Readable Fonts - Converts the fonts available on-site to one of the most easily readable fonts, Helvetica. 
  • Alt Text and Images - Images have Alt text to describe the products. 
  • Tooltips - Adds labels to images that contain a written description of the image. 
  • Highlight Links - Makes any link more prominent to view. 
  • Hide Images - Hides images on the site to provide better site readability. 
  • Read Page - Allows a voice to read the text out loud. 
Don't hesitate to get in touch with us at if we can improve in any way to make things more accessible.