Our History


In 2020 when my younger sister, Kari, approached me with an idea to start a business together. She had just acquired a circuit machine, and we were both excited about the possibilities of handmade products. Since my loved ones affectionately called me Mari, we incorporated our shared letters in our names (Kari and Mari) and named our venture Ari's Handmade Creations. We began by designing shirts and exploring other potential offerings.

Unfortunately, my sister couldn't continue working on the business due to unforeseen circumstances. Nonetheless, I am incredibly grateful for her encouragement to pursue this venture, which had been a long-held dream of mine. During this time, I noticed a recurring theme in my designs—they were mostly centered around disabilities.

Realizing my passion for creating disability-based products, I focused solely on this niche. And thus, Disability Creations was born and started my journey to provide unique and meaningful products that cater to the needs and interests of the disabled community.
Since Disability Creations opened, we have created tactile products for individuals with vision loss. These products help them be more independent by letting them feel the design and read Braille to learn the color, size, and what the shirt says. Disability Creations wants to keep expanding our product range to help people with vision loss choose what to wear and ensure their clothes match perfectly.

I'm excited to see how Disability Creations will grow and how we can make a positive difference in the disability community.